Classes held at:
Raleigh Area Children's Theatre
located at:
Celebration Plaza at Six Forks
7319 Six Forks Road
Raleigh, NC 27615

Actors Training Ground classes rotate throughout the year and open to ages 17 - Adult. Each session runs 8 weeks except for Scene Study which runs for 10 weeks. The cost of the class covers the entire session.

Summer/Fall Classes 2017

17 to Adult
Class Day Dates Time Cost
Summer Acting Intensive (9 weeks) M, Th, Sa, Su June 12 - August 20 M, Th 6 - 9, Sa, Su 1 - 6 $700
Scene Study Tuesdays June 6 - August 15 6 pm - 9 pm $225
Acting 1 for Teens Wednesdays June 14 - August 9 6 pm - 7:30 pm $150
Audition Technique for Teens Sundays June 18 - August 13 6 pm - 7:30 pm $150
Acting 2: Justification and Action Sundays June 18 - August 13 7:30 pm - 9 pm $150
Acting 1: Building the Basics Wednesdays June 21 - August 16 7:30 pm - 9 pm $150
*No classes the week of July 4th        
FALL SESSION I 2017        
TBA TBA Sep 17 - Oct 15 6 pm - 9 pm TBA
FALL SESSION II 2017        
TBA Sunday/Monday Oct 22 - Dec 17* 6 pm - 9 pm TBA
TBA Thursday Oct 26 - Dec 21** 6 pm - 9 pm TBA
*No classes the week after Thanksgiving      
**No classes the week of Thanksgiving      

Intro to Acting Before we can create a character, we have to know who we are. Learn about yourself through games and exercises. Develop basic knowledge about stage direction, and the do's and don'ts of performing on stage while gaining self-confidence and self-esteem.
Acting 1: The Basics - Monologues Take the next step and apply the principles of Intention, Obstacle, and Tactic to a monologue. Must have taken Intro to Acting or have comparable experience to register for this class.
Acting 2: Beyond the Basics - Monologues Continue the process of developing Monologues with Justification and Action. We dig deeper into putting meaning behind the movements we make or don't make when acting, the reasons behind them, and how to use the voice to convery what the character is feeling.
Acting 3: Character Development Using techniques such as animal work, observation, movement and voice, students will explore creating a character using fictional or non-fictional people and bringing them to life. You must have completed Acting 1 and 2 or have comparable experience to register for this class.
Acting 4: Scene Study For the intermediate actor who wants to develop their acting skills working with other actors, this class focuses on two-person scene work. You must have completed Acting 1 and 2 or have comparable experience to register for this class.
Acting 5: Sense Memory Hone in on your acting skills with this class focusing on exercises using your senses to create physical and emotional responses. You must have completed Acting 1 and 2 to register for this class.
Audition Technique From the first phone call to the final call back, learn the proper and professional way to audition and make a great first and last impression. A must for any actor. Must have taken Acting 2 and Voice for the Stage or have comparable experience to register for this class. Students must come to first class with a prepared monologue.
Voice for the Actor Acquire the skills to produce sound properly for speaking and acting. Learn how to use the full range of your voice with exercises and text. Breath, sound, placement, and pitch will be explored in this class.
Dialects: British Using the foundation of the International Phonetic Alphabet (I.P.A.) students will learn the basics of producing the sounds needed for the British.
Dialects: Cockney and Irish Continuing from where we left off in Dialects 1. Students will review the British dialect and then move onto Cockney and Irish. Must have taken Dialects 1 or have comporable experience.
Acting Intensive During the 8 weeks, students will be exposed to classes with a conservatory-like schedule during the week and rehearse a production on the weekends. The tech nights and performances will happen on the last week of classes during the regular scheduled times, except for the Saturday night performance which will be at 8.00 p.m.

Due to the intensity of the curriculum, the Acting Intensive Program is open to actors who understand the principles behind acting. It is not for those who are looking to explore it for the first time and/or have no experience in acting.

Must have taken Acting 1, Acting 2, Voice for the Stage, and Scene Study or have comparable experience to register for the Intensive.