Classes held at:
Celebration Plaza at Six Forks
7319 Six Forks Road
Raleigh, NC 27615


"My daughter is a working actress in TV and Film. Tanner has been her personal coach for a couple of years. Since that time, I've watched my daughter grow as an actress and her confidence to read a script, decipher the scenes and prepare for long shoots. Deciphering a scene and script was one of the first things Tanner taught her, and I see it now as an essential building block to becoming a better actor. Tanner is also easy to work with, very passionate about his craft, and has an ability to teach at any level so that his student (of any age) understands. I know Tanner is one of the reasons my daughter landed a few of her roles. I am very thankful he is in our home town. Tanner also offers bulk rates (buy multiple coachings at one time and get a discount), which is a bonus."
Jaime Miller (Addy Miller - The Walking Dead, Dark Places)
"He uses his knowledge, performance experience and intense acting background to create a safe and comfortable space for his students to work."
Carlita V. Ector
Before I started Tanner 's class I thought acting was easy to do. I was wrong, acting takes emotions, vulnerability, self confidence, and passion. Acting is truly an art. Tanner will work with you to get the best out of you on every single word of script. You will learn how to channel your emotions through your character. Personally, I have learned to speak with clarity and expression.
Vianka Cotton
Tanner's teaching style really helped me "unlock" the characters I was portraying. I like to call his style "play-by-play," because he instructs you to say a few lines, then he stops you, analyzes your performance, and then instructs you to continue to the next lines. That method is helpful for me because I find out in detail what I need to do better for my performance, as opposed to receiving summary at the end of an entire scene. Tanner brings a high energy level and extensive experience in theater to each of his classes. I'm impressed with how much individual attention he gives to you, and his book is very helpful as a compliment to in-class instruction. Take his classes! A mix of fun, challenge, and personal growth awaits you.
Patrick Sidlovski
"Working with Tanner was a turning point for my son. He learned how to approach an interview, to develop a monologue, take apart a script and bring his character to life on the stage. Will began to approach acting as a profession and not just something he did for fun. And shortly after his time with Actor's Training Ground, the successes started to role in. He recently performed in the Junior Theatre Festival in Atlanta and earned an award for Best Performance by a Male. Will's comment about his experience was "I don't know if I could have done any of this if I had never met Tanner!"
Amy Kindrachuk
I have thoroughly enjoyed every class with Tanner. His style is low-key and fun, yet very instructional and informative. He is able to make everyone feel comfortable while still pushing you to work harder and perform better. I feel like I have learned so much from him, especially as I am able to review what has been discussed in class by reading his book, The Portable Acting Coach. I definitely feel more confident as an actor and feel more empowered with the knowledge I have learned.
Lisa LaFave
"Tanner has the ability to really make you think about your acting choices and come up with something so much better than you thought before. He will invest a 110% in making you look good. He is extremely flexible with my schedule, professional and just great to work with."
Tim Bell
"Tanner is extremely professional and takes the craft and profession of acting very seriously. Taking every beat of a very emotion driven scene and breaking it down effortlessly with me, in a matter of weeks, he had me believing in myself and my abilities. Through encouragement and steady instruction, I learned more from Tanner in a matter of weeks than my professors in school taught in four LONG years. I am looking forward to auditioning this summer and putting those learned skills to work. Would I take another scene study class from Tanner? You bet I would. Thank you Tanner!"
Todd Carper